What to choose for your Kid: Vedic Maths or Abacus Maths?

The Abacus, an ancient math tool that looks like a toy, captures kids’ interest in learning. Introducing it early can boost a child’s brain development and enhance their mental math skills. Children who use the Abacus to perform calculations learn math and develop crucial cognitive skills. Starting with physical manipulation, they progress to mental calculations through consistent practice. 

The Abacus’s simplicity, systematic approach, and reliance on patterns and formulas make it a valuable educational tool. In summary, incorporating the Abacus into early education offers a practical and holistic way for kids to learn math while promoting cognitive development and supporting their learning journey at home

How the Abacus Tool Works

The Abacus has columns with beads and rows representing numbers. You can move the beads to do calculations. At first, a child uses a physical Abacus to do math, but they can do it in their mind with practice. It’s a simple and systematic process with a set pattern and formula. Now, with AbacusAutoBeads, an online software for Abacus, the child need not even have the physical Abacus on hand and use the software to manipulate the beads.

Why Start Early

Starting early with the Abacus is like exercising your child’s brain. It strengthens and sharpens the brain cells. Children who use the Abacus often excel in various subjects. Introducing the Abacus early on is smart for your child’s long-term intellectual development. It’s like planting a seed that grows into a strong tree of knowledge as they continue to learn and grow. So, starting with the Abacus early helps with math and sets the stage for success in all areas of learning. So, it’s a good idea to introduce them to it early for long-term intellectual growth. Abacus also helps improve math skills and boost brain power

Kids have super busy schedules with school, sports, and other activities. To make things easier, it’s smart to teach them the Abacus when they’re younger and have more free time. But if your child is already in middle school, no worries! They can join short Abacus courses at Mathooz during vacations. This way, they can learn useful skills to make schoolwork less stressful when classes are back in session.

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What Operations can be carried out on the Abacus? 

Although the Abacus seems simple, it can do many things as a child becomes more skilled. When kids are young, they start with basic counting on the Abacus. They can do more operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing as they improve. They can even do more complex calculations involving decimals and cubic roots with practice and guidance. So, as a child learns and gets more comfortable with the Abacus, they can tackle bigger and more complicated math problems.

At What Age Should Kids Be Taught The Abacus Training

Children nowadays show a remarkable ability to understand things at a younger age. Build a strong foundation by starting as early as 4, where they can be introduced to the Abacus using a playful approach to learning about numbers and counting. When children become friends with numbers at a young age, they are less likely to feel scared or overwhelmed as they advance to higher classes with more complex topics.

However, you might encounter a few challenges as a parent teaching your child the Abacus. These can include finding engaging ways to make learning fun, helping your child stay interested, and ensuring they don’t feel pressured. Patience and encouragement are crucial in making learning enjoyable and effective for your child. So, by addressing these challenges positively, you can pave the way for your child’s early and successful engagement with the Abacus.

Learning to use an Abacus can be tricky, and even if you have access to many materials, teaching it to your child might not be easy. Mastering the Abacus skill takes years of practice. Instead, consider enrolling your child in Octovion’s Abacus online classes. At Octovion, skilled teachers guide your child in learning mental arithmetic effectively. This way, your child can grasp the concept in a structured and engaging online environment right in front of your eyes. 

In a world where everything is expected to be quick and easy, capturing a child’s attention for learning new things can be challenging. As a parent, finding the right approach can be tough. A good solution might be enrolling them in classes such as Octovion, where trained teachers can guide them in Abacus use and mental arithmetic. This supports their learning at school and home and keeps them engaged in a way that fits their generation’s preferences.

Summing Up

In the past, we used encyclopedias, dictionaries, and log books for academic help. Nowadays, Google is the go-to for almost everything; even basic calculations are done on calculators. So, getting your child interested in a simple tool like the Abacus, which involves physical and mental skills, might be tricky. But it’s a bridge worth crossing because the skills they gain from mastering the Abacus can bring them valuable benefits.

Teaching every child the Abacus is like giving them a fundamental life skill because it has many benefits. It boosts various aspects of your child’s abilities. Their concentration, logical thinking, creativity, cognitive skills, and memory get a big boost because the Abacus sharpens both sides of the brain. This doesn’t just help them do better in school; it also molds them into more confident individuals. This confidence sticks with them throughout life, making their future more secure.

As a top Abacus training provider, we allow students to use the AbacusAutoBeads software from their homes. When they sign up for online Abacus training, students can use the software for practice, enjoying unlimited options to enhance their skills. Moreover, parents can directly see their children’s progress in Abacus training and assess their performance.

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