It's commonplace for parents to find their child struggling with mathematics and can be quite a challenge for both parents and teachers. Abacus helps your child to maximize the use of their ability and mental power to succeed in mathematics, general studies, and ultimately in all facets of life. Our Abacus Training is aimed at helping everyone (children as well as adults) to be part of an on-going learning procedure that is beneficial for all.

A brief history of Abacus

The Abacus is an ancient mathematical tool that found its origins among merchants from Asian and African countries. Its history dates back to 300 BC and as per this device, it significantly improves one’s mathematical skills. It was the world's first calculator, and its contemporary versions are still in use today.

Benefits of Abacus

The abacus improves math skills and promotes whole-brain thinking and its function. It is proven that experiences in early life affect different stages of development and aiding in a child’s learning helping to improve the brain and promises a good beginning. The following are some of its benefits.

Brain Development at its best-improving concentration, listening, and observation

Enhanced visual and photographic memory

Mastering arithmetic operations with ease, enhancing accuracy and speed

Promotes creativity and boosts self-confidence

Lays a strong foundation for academic achievement

About Mathooz

We are passionate about developing a life-long love of learning Abacus for your child and we try for the well-being of our students by providing them with the best Abacus training online in the best environment.

We are founded on the principle of quality, affordable education. With experienced and qualified teachers on board, we help provide your child with an extra dose of inspiration and motivation to progress not only academically but personally in life too. With an extensive curriculum that is interesting, exciting, Abacus online Training is developed to help the student succeed, your kid gets exposed to the wonders of Abacus and speed mathematics as well that will be individually mentored and catered to be set of trained and qualified tutors.

Being passionate in what we do is imbibed in our values and you can count on us!

Why Mathooz?

A perfect blend of science & yoga

While working on the Abacus, we use specific finger movements of our hands which are similar to yogic mudras which help improve concentration, attention, and sharpening memory.

Variety of learning tools

The success of any program lies in the hard work of a child that your child puts it. With a lot of practice avenues for a child, ensuring better output and monotony does not set in.

Well Designed course material

Course material is designed in such a way that it keeps children intrigued and they enjoy learning at its best.

Progressive course structure

With a course structure that is meticulously designed to ensure the child learns and growth is progressive and continuous. At any point in time, the child is not overburdened and boredom is never set in.

Strong emphasis on trainers and pattern of teaching

Teachers are said to be torchbearers for any program. The quality of teaching is very critical for a child’s success and we ensure a lot of effort is put in for proper training etc.

Multi-faceted student events

We have series of events such as competitions, demos, certifications, proficiency exams for students all around the year, giving them exposure to face real-life scenarios, pressure handling, and preparing them for life ahead.

Why opt for online Abacus training?

  • Your kids can undergo Abacus online training right at the comfort of your home, saving you time and energy, which may be spent when you go to a center.
  • Economical prices like never before as the training is online
  • Classes as per convenience and your schedule
  • A virtual classroom has more privacy and scope for doubt solving as it is one on one
  • Classes can be customized as per need

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