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Looking for Abacus Online Training?

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Abacus Live Classes

We've trained a whopping 7000+ students online since September 2021, and the numbers are growing with each passing day. We're on a mission to teach, inspire, and empower students to learn Abacus online in the future.

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Abacus Maths Classes

Get ready to witness serious brain magic with our Abacus mental math training! We'll have you crunching numbers and solving problems faster and quickly become a math whiz.

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Abacus Training Certificate

The certificate holds high international validity as it is recognized by ISO 9001, which adds prestige and value.

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Abacus Teacher Training

We offer comprehensive online teacher training for abacus learning, utilizing the latest technology and led by top-notch experts in the industry.

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How Are Abacus Online Training Classes Taken?

Abacus online training is all about using meeting tools like Zoom or to teach students the art of the Abacus. With top-notch abacus software like AbacusAutoBeads in the mix, learning Abacus online has never been easier or more effective. It's like taking that interactive, straightforward approach to Abacus learning and making classes fun!

So get ready to unleash your brainpower and dive into the world of Abacus and learn Abacus online like never before. Students are on for a wild ride!

How Abacus Online Training are Taken?

Advantages of Abacus Online Training

When it comes to online abacus training, the advantages are plenty for both trainers and students.
Let's dive into the fantastic benefits that await!

Advantages of Abacus Online Training
  • How do students learn the abacus through an online medium?

    Students can quickly learn Abacus online from the comfort of their homes without needing to travel to physical Abacus centers. This saves valuable time for both parents and students, as they can utilize high-end tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting for online learning.

  • Is online abacus training more effective than in-class training?

    Students learning abacus online can use advanced technology software such as AbacusAutoBeads. This software provides a high-end methodology that offers clear insights through an easy and interactive approach.

  • How do trainers focus on students during online abacus training?

    Our trainers can provide individual attention to each student using the latest teaching methodology available on AbacusAutoBeads. This software allows students to receive hands-on training with the abacus online, enabling trainers to identify areas where students may be making mistakes and require further practice. Additionally, our online abacus training is conducted in small batches, limited to only eight students per batch, further enhancing the learning experience.

  • Do students have access to the Abacus software for learning online from home?

    As a leading abacus training provider, we allow students to access the abacus software, AbacusAutoBeads, from the comfort of their homes. By enrolling to learn Abacus online, students can practice using the software and benefit from unlimited practice options. Additionally, parents can observe their children's learning progress and performance in abacus training firsthand.

  • Can parents assist their kids?

    Absolutely! With the software AbacusAutoBeads, parents can actively support their kids to learn Abacus online, even without prior knowledge. The software includes built-in features that allow parents to easily monitor their children's progress and assess their current level in the Abacus.

Advantages of Abacus Classes Online

Our Methodology of Abacus Online classes

The latest and advanced tools make learning a breeze for our students, and super easy to grasp the concepts and practice their skills. It's like a walk in the park! Get ready to witness their math skills skyrocket!

We take a playful approach to teaching abacus. When students have a blast while learning something fun, it sticks with them like glue!

With over 8 hours of live training and 30 hours of practical training to learn Abacus online, your kiddos will be “Abacus rock stars” in no time. Our previous students are proof of our awesomeness!

Our curriculum is top-notch, designed and created by industry veterans with over 17 years of experience in teaching abacus. They've crafted a program that'll have your kids soaring to new heights in abacus mastery.

We use the latest and most advanced software in the abacus industry - AbacusAutoBeads, a game-changer. This exclusive software is the pinnacle of online abacus teaching which your kids will be learning to use and practice like never before.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers are math superheroes. They have the magic touch to banish your kids' math phobia. Their vast experience allows them to easily identify your child's weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Abacus Institutes in Making Kids Learn Abacus Online?

We're not your average online abacus training program, as we have got some special tricks up our sleeves that set us apart from the rest. Check out what makes us tick.

How Are We Different From Other Abacus Institutes
  • Personalized Attention: We're all about giving you personalized attention. If your kid needs extra help, no worries! We have additional sessions for your kiddo. You won't find this flexibility in other institutes or boring old classrooms. It is an exclusive advantage to learn Abacus online.
  • Regular Progress Updates: We inform parents about their child's progress through frequent updates and a clear report card highlighting their position in Abacus learning. We maintain regular communication with parents to track their child's day-to-day progress.
  • Scientific Teaching Methods: Our teaching methods are scientifically proven in Abacus instruction, enabling us to identify and address students mistakes at the foundational level. This ensures a more successful learning experience in Abacus mental math classes. We're all about making sure they have the best learning experience ever.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: We provide ample exercises and practice sessions in Abacus, ensuring your little genius gets those Abacus formulas and methodologies. With our laser-focused approach, your kiddo will become an abacus wiz in no time, and the results will be visible for all to see.
  • Boost Brain Power: Using the latest software AbacusAutoBeads, our Abacus mental math classes not only make students proficient in mathematics but also enhance their concentration power. Students experience a tremendous increase in memory, benefiting them in other subjects when they learn Abacus online. It's like a superhero power-up!

We take pride in stating that after attending our abacus classes,
Mathematics has undoubtedly become the favorite subject for the kids.

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