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In the formative years of childhood, especially between the ages of 5 and 14, young minds have receptive brains and an incredible capacity for learning and retaining information. The growth and maturation of nervous tissues commence around 4 to 6, progressing at its swiftest pace during this period. However, after reaching the age of 12, the rate of advancement gradually decelerates, mainly once growth has achieved approximately 75%. Introducing children to programs that stimulate their developing brains during this critical period can significantly impact their cognitive development. 

Among the various options available, one program stands out for its remarkable ability to train young minds and advanced reasoning skills – Online Abacus Learning. Mathooz is an online Abacus training provider headquartered in Larksvagen, Sweden, and Chennai. It has been at the forefront of conducting the finest Abacus online training and nurturing young talents. Our trainer’s dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to providing the best classes and enhancing cognitive development have set us apart from our competitors.

Overcoming Math Phobia: A Transformative Journey

Mathematics often carries a reputation as an unpopular and challenging subject among young children, which is often acknowledged by educators and parents alike. Not having proper foundational concepts and a lack of interest frequently result in children distancing themselves from mathematics and not liking the subject.

To combat this prevalent issue, the introduction of after-school programs like Mathooz’s online Abacus training has proven transformative. Our tailored approach instills a passion for mathematics within children, something that can accompany them throughout their lives. By making math enjoyable and engaging, we set the stage for a lifelong love of learning.

Our instructors are trained to deliver personalized guidance to every student using cutting-edge software called AbacusAutoBeads. This innovative software enables students to get hands-on training with the abacus online, allowing the trainers to identify areas where students may be making mistakes and require further practice. Furthermore, our online Abacus training is conducted in small groups, ensuring a maximum of eight students per session, thus improving the overall quality of the learning journey. 

The impact of Abacus online classes extends far beyond mathematics. The accomplishment that students make when they master mental maths boosts their overall confidence. This self-assurance brought out after overcoming mathematical challenges, helping a child’s academic journey. Let us now see in detail the ripple effects Abacus can have.

Ripple Effect of Learning Abacus

Abacus learning, from ancient times, has far-reaching ripple effects extending into various aspects of an individual’s development and cognitive abilities. The Abacus tool, used for arithmetic calculations, has demonstrated many benefits beyond just counting or performing super-fast calculations.

Let us now see how the ripple effects of online abacus learning can help children in many ways.

1. Enhanced Mathematical Proficiency

Abacus learning online serves as a solid foundation for mathematical skills. Manipulating beads on the abacus instills a deep understanding of number relationships, arithmetic operations, and mental calculations. This proficiency in mathematics can positively impact a student’s academic performance throughout their education.

2. Cognitive Development

Online Abacus learning engages both brain hemispheres, stimulating neural connections and enhancing cognitive abilities. As students visualize and perform calculations on the abacus, they improve spatial awareness, concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills.

3. Mental Math Mastery

Mastering abacus calculations translates into impressive mental math abilities. The ability to perform complex calculations mentally and swiftly boosts a student’s confidence and efficiency in everyday life, both in academics and real-world scenarios.

4. Improved Focus and Concentration

The process of manipulating beads on an Abacus demands more attention and concentration. Over time, students develop the ability to focus on tasks for more extended periods, an essential skill for academic success and productivity.

5. Cross-cultural Learning and Historical Awareness

Studying the Abacus allows one to explore cultural heritage and historical advancements in mathematics. It encourages an appreciation for different cultures and contributions to human knowledge.

6. Creative Problem Solving

Abacus learning online encourages students to approach problems creatively. The tool can solve various mathematical challenges, building and nurturing a mindset that seeks innovative solutions.

7. Builds Confidence and Self-esteem

As students conquer complex calculations through abacus learning, their self-confidence grows. This confidence extends beyond mathematics, positively impacting their self-esteem and willingness to tackle challenges in various areas.

8. Neurological Benefits

Scientific research suggests that abacus learning online or offline can enhance neural connectivity and plasticity. Regular practice maintains brain health and protects against cognitive decline with age.

9. Better Discipline and Patience

Online Abacus learning is a gradual process that demands patience and discipline. Students learn the value of consistent practice and the rewards that come with it, imparting valuable life lessons.

10. Educational Advancement

Online Abacus learning can open doors to advanced mathematical concepts at an earlier age. Students who excel in abacus calculations may be better prepared to explore higher-level mathematics and related disciplines.

Learning Abacus online can extend beyond just applying immediate numerical applications and consists of a wide range of cognitive, emotional, and personal benefits. The ripple effect that it can cause helps in better overall development of students, enhancing skills and attributes that can help their academic and personal learning in numerous ways. Also, the positive impact that Abacus can have on education and cognitive growth proves its timeless significance.

Mastering Mental Math with Mathooz

At Mathooz, we understand the importance of holistic brain development, which can bring out the best of a child’s potential. Our Abacus online training helps activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, fostering cognitive growth. This approach ensures that each Abacus student experiences a well-rounded enhancement of their intellectual capacities.

One of the most remarkable achievements of online Abacus training is the proficiency our students develop in mental math. Far from relying on electronic devices or calculators, our students acquire the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations mentally and overcome Math phobia. 

Get ready to chart a brighter future by joining our online Abacus training. As you seek to improve your child’s potential and pave the way for a bright future, Mathooz Abacus Classes stand out, promising you excellence. Our unwavering commitment to holistic brain development, fostering a love for mathematics, and instilling confidence gives us the hope that we will make the future better for children.

Enroll your child today and witness the transformative power of online Abacus training. Email us at or +91 9176147549 for more details. 

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