Future Techies Need a Strong Mental Arithmetic Foundation: How Abacus Helps

In our fast-changing world, one thing stays constant—the amazing human ability to create and innovate. The smartest minds are not just great creators but also curious learners. Building tomorrow’s tech takes time and preparation that starts years in advance. That’s why it is crucial to understand what to teach your child and how to prepare them for a bright future, especially in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Preparing for a successful tech career begins with activities promoting good brain development. It’s not only about scientific and analytical knowledge; a creative mindset is equally important for kids to develop essential skills. Going beyond what’s in the textbooks is key. One valuable skill for kids to cultivate is the ability to visualize numbers.

Mental calculations using an Abacus is a great way to achieve this. This skill helps kids succeed in their studies and makes them smarter in their everyday lives. For example, calculating the distance and time to reach a destination or determining how many more runs are needed to win a match are simple yet effective exercises. These activities help develop problem-solving abilities and make Abacus math classes less intimidating. So, early on, let’s focus on improving these skills to pave the way for a successful future in tech!

Benefits of Having a Strong Mental Arithmetic Foundation and How Abacus Helps

Building a strong foundation in mental arithmetic comes with several benefits, and the abacus plays a key role in achieving this. Here are some advantages.

1. Helps in Brain Development

Using the Abacus for mental calculations stimulates both sides of the brain—the left for logical and analytical thinking during arithmetic calculations and the right for creativity and visualization. This leads to comprehensive brain development as children imagine and manipulate Abacus beads mentally or in the hand.

2. Improved Understanding of Math Concepts

Mental math goes beyond rote memorization; it involves a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Children do not need to memorize procedures, but they learn the why behind each step. Abacus-based programs teach these concepts thoroughly, enabling children to solve math problems accurately and confidently, forming the base for advanced mathematical learning and building a strong academic foundation.

3. Reduction in Errors

Mental math is a logical process; proper Abacus practice can help promote better logical problem-solving. Studies show that students who practice mental math skills tend to solve math problems mentally first, reducing the likelihood of errors. This deep understanding of numbers improves problem-solving skills applicable in math and across various subjects and real-life situations.

4. Strong Visualization Skills

Abacus-based mental arithmetic helps children visualize numbers and perform calculations mentally. This strengthens their visualization skills, benefiting them in math and subjects like science and arts. Improved visualization contributes to overall academic excellence.

5. Concentration Improvement

Abacus or Mental Arithmetic sessions focus on strengthening a child’s concentration. Children engaging in Abacus online classes and focusing on mental calculations increase concentration, positively impacting their ability to focus in class and excel in different academic and non-academic activities.

6. Making Math Enjoyable

Learning with the abacus introduces an element of fun into the process. The use of proven techniques, interesting methods, and a positive learning environment makes math more exciting for children, developing a love for the subject. The positive learning environment during abacus sessions creates a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for mathematical concepts.

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Our kids’ future depends greatly on how well their minds develop early on. So, parents must know about Abacus and support this development by getting them into Abacus classes. Kids can start as early as 5 years old because, at that age, they have the motor skills needed to move the Abacus beads confidently. Abacus learning has different levels, depending on what the teachers offer. Each level usually takes about three months, but this might change a bit based on the student’s age.

Key Takeaways and how Mathooz can Help 

Mathooz has established itself as a renowned and successful name in the field of mental arithmetic calculation for Abacus for several years. Our students have the ability to tackle complex mental math calculations effortlessly, all without the need for a calculator or even a pen. The achievements of our students strengthen our belief in the significance of proper mentorship and effective activities that contribute to overall child development. This solid foundation prepares children for success in any career they choose later in life.

To address the question we have at hand, it’s not only the future tech experts but also the future innovators who benefit greatly from quality mental math education. The potential next Einstein maybe your kid, among many!

You can actively support your child in developing exceptional mental math skills by enrolling them in Mathooz – the world’s most trusted Abacus-based mental arithmetic online classes for children aged 4-13. Consider registering with us to explore opportunities for your child’s growth and development.

We offer Abacus classes online, a combination of a comprehensive and engaging experience for students of all ages. With a user-friendly interface and features, students can learn Abacus online regardless of physical location. In addition, we use AbacusAutoBeads, which can be used anywhere, expanding access to high-quality education. Also, a virtual one-on-one classroom has a personalized approach, tailoring the curriculum to suit the pace and needs of the student.

Need more details? Email us at mathooztraining@gmail.com or simply ring us at +91 91761 47549. We look forward to helping you with any inquiries!

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