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Mathematics forms the bedrock of problem-solving, critical thinking, and cognitive development. As a concerned parent looking to equip your child with the best tools for success, you might have wondered the age-old question: Abacus math or school math? Which path can help enhance your child’s mathematical potential?

Exploring this decision opens the door to discovering your child’s natural talents and shaping how they learn math. It’s like creating a special path just for them so they can get better at math and succeed in the future. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of online abacus training over traditional mathematics and how it can help significantly contribute to your child’s math prowess.

How learning Abacus helps 

In recent times, extensive research has been done on how a child’s brain develops during their early years, revealing different strategies to boost their thinking abilities. Among these approaches, the abacus stands out as a powerful tool. It supports brain growth and helps kids become better at math.

When kids learn abacus online and use an abacus, the delicate movements of the beads they visualize on-screen help activate different parts of their brain. This not only gets the brain working but also improves how it functions. This engagement strengthens a child’s ability to think and learn, setting a strong base for their overall growth. 

Experts agree that students who have not tried abacus training online often have math problems. This is quite different for those who have learned abacus, as they can quickly solve math problems that might seem hard.

The key difference between regular school math and abacus-based math is how students approach solving problems. Kids who have only learned traditional methods can find it tough to understand and solve math problems. On the other hand, those who have learned the abacus feel sure of themselves and are confident when dealing with these challenges.

The magic of the abacus lies in its ability to help kids grasp concepts faster without memorizing steps or solutions. This not only lets them understand better but also remember things easily. This process also boosts their memory power, allowing them to understand concepts quickly and recall them effortlessly when needed.

Advantages of Abacus Math over School Mathematics

Abacus training online offers many advantages that truly transform the learning experience compared to traditional school math. In essence, abacus training goes beyond typical math learning as it helps children learn important life skills and boosts their thinking abilities in ways that regular school math cannot match.

1. Better Brain Power: Abacus training acts like a workout for the brain, activating special points on the fingers as they move the beads online on our specialized software AbacusAutoBeads, which we use to train children. This unique stimulation boosts brain efficiency, making thinking and learning better. Counting and recalling abacus beads strengthens memory so kids can remember things easily.

2. Sharper Focus and Speed: Activities like quick calculations and flashcards during our online abacus training classes help students to hone focus, quick thinking, and accurate problem-solving within short periods. 

This heightened focus improves their performance in the activity and hones their ability to concentrate on tasks, aiding them in various aspects of their academic journey. The fast-paced nature of these activities prompts students to think on their feet, make swift decisions, and execute actions promptly.

3. Stronger Memory: Counting and recalling abacus beads enhances memory power, helping children remember things better. Since our online Abacus training sessions are practice-based with many stimulating activities, it helps activate the brain.

4. Improved Attention to Detail: Our online Abacus training requires close attention to moving beads on the screen. This focused practice enhances observational skills and keeps distractions at bay.

5. Improved Visualization: Abacus training goes beyond just numbers – it teaches kids how to picture things in their minds. It’s like a magic drawing board in your brain where you can move things around. That’s what abacus training helps kids do. When faced with tricky math problems, they can use this mental “drawing board” to see the numbers and steps more clearly. This skill makes solving hard math problems easier because they can plan and figure out the steps in their minds first. 

6. Confidence in Problem-Solving: Kids trained in abacus techniques gain self-assurance in solving problems accurately, giving them the confidence to tackle other math challenges. Students who have taken online Abacus training with us have seen an increase in their math grades compared to what they were faring previously.

7. Less Stress and More Enjoyable Math: Studies show that abacus training can reduce anxiety. This happy feeling adds to the good things online Abacus training brings. So, besides getting better at math, kids can also feel calmer and happier. Abacus training online makes math enjoyable, turning learning into a fun journey filled with meaning and excitement.

8. Better Imagination and Smart Skills: Abacus training nurtures a child’s ability to imagine and manipulate objects mentally. Children become more confident in dealing with tough math tasks as they improve. They learn to think carefully and devise smart ways to solve problems, a skill they can use in many parts of their life.

 Wrapping Up 

On a concluding note, regular school math helps kids improve at math, while Abacus online training is like a workout for the whole brain. So, there are many good things your child can get from joining our trusted Abacus classes.

When you’re helping your child improve at math, choosing between abacus math and regular school math gets easier. Build up your child’s knowledge and make them confident in solving math problems with the helpful Math classes from Mathooz. These classes teach math and important skills like paying attention, being creative, remembering things, and figuring out problems. These skills help your child do well in school and life.

Our online Abacus training is a complete package – it helps the brain grow, improves math skills, and boosts confidence. Mathooz’s online abacus math program has all these good things and even more. It’s a place where learning feels happy and full of good stuff. Believe in Mathooz, and give your child the tools to do great in math and other things, too! Email us at mathooztraining@gmail.com or +91 91761 47549 to know more. 

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