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Abacus tools or instrument is one of the most ancient techniques that is being used to teach Math, and simple calculations to children to not just increase their mathematical ability but also to ensure they grow on an overall level and develop. Nowadays, Abacus math is not just used for school-based calculations but has many other benefits, too.

Yes! You heard it right. Now, as a parent, you might be wondering how it can be beneficial for other uses. Well, it can help in competitive exam practice, too. Let us look at some benefits of the Abacus tool, and how it can help students in competitive exams. 

1. Helps Improve Focus

Acing competitive exams can be quite challenging, and the focus must be on succeeding. Learning the abacus tool can be a significant move to help improve the learner’s focus. Now, how can you do that? 

Mastering the Abacus can be quite demanding, and to make up for most of it, concentration to the core might be needed. Eventually, the child will master the skill to become an expert in Abacus and improve their concentration levels. It will help them stay focussed on competitive exam preparation and increase their chances of success.

2. Speed of Calculations Increases Significantly

Scoring in competitive exams has become tough day after day in recent times. One must know that scoring in exams is all about timing. The faster one can solve, the higher the chances of scoring better by answering more questions within the stipulated time.

Abacus math classes help improve math capabilities as they help calculate faster and enhance the speed of doing it. As a result, the child can easily complete the exam within the stipulated time frame, work on more questions, and also get time to cross-check the answers. One of the main advantages of the Abacus tool is it helps increase speed and maintain accuracy.  

3.  Better Observation Skills

Having keen observation is another important attribute needed to excel in competitive exams. Using an Abacus helps in this regard, as it helps improve observation skills. While learning to use the Abacus to do calculations, one can become a keep observer as the beads need utmost concentration. 

The skill can be used especially when the child sits for competitive exams, as it improves their ability to use the data asked in the question and then use the Abacus to arrive at the appropriate answer. With the help of such attention to minute details, we are sure that the Abacus can help the child to ace the competitive exam better.

4. Boost Memory

If you are looking for Abacus classes near you, helping your child enroll in them can positively impact their memory. When they learn to use the Abacus, they in turn, help to improve their mental visualization ability. They can hone their memory skills, which can result in memorizing academic stuff, current affairs, and general knowledge facts, which can also help them to succeed in competitive exams.  

5. Improved Analytical Skills

Besides all these benefits, enrolling in Abacus classes nearby can also make you way better at analyzing things. When you use an Abacus, you’re becoming a pro at doing tricky math quickly and easily. This not only steps up your game for competitive exam practice but also boosts how well you do overall. 

If you’re looking for Abacus math online classes, Mathooz can be your top pick. Join in, learn Abacus math from the pros, and supercharge your performance in competitive exams. 

Differentiating Factors of Mathooz from Other Abacus Training Providers

At our online Abacus training program, we take pride in being anything but ordinary. We’re delighted to share that kids who attend our Abacus classes have developed a genuine love for Mathematics.

What sets us apart are some unique strategies that make learning with us a distinctive experience.

  • Personalized Attention

Our focus is on providing personalized attention to each student. If your child needs extra assistance, we’ve got it covered with additional sessions. This flexibility, exclusive to online Abacus learning, sets us apart from traditional institutes.

  • Regular Progress Updates

Parents stay in the loop with frequent updates and a clear report card highlighting their child’s Abacus learning position. We prioritize regular communication to inform parents about their child’s day-to-day progress.

  • Scientific Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods are scientifically proven in Abacus instruction, addressing foundational mistakes for a more successful learning experience. We are dedicated to ensuring the best learning experience for students in Abacus mental math classes.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Abundant abacus exercises and practice sessions are provided to ensure mastery of formulas and methodologies. With our laser-focused approach, your child will quickly become an abacus whiz with visible results for everyone to see.

  • Boosting Brain Power

Utilizing the latest software, AbacusAutoBeads, our Abacus mental math classes not only enhance mathematical proficiency but also boost concentration power. Students experience a significant increase in memory, benefiting them across various subjects. It’s like a superhero power-up for the brain!

If you are ready to transform your child’s learning experience and make mathematics their favorite subject, enroll them in our online Abacus training program today! 

Experience personalized attention, regular progress updates, scientifically proven teaching methods, ample practice opportunities, and a unique focus on enhancing brain power with AbacusAutoBeads used at Mathooz. 

Give your child the advantage of a distinctive learning journey. Enroll now for your kiddo’s brighter, more successful, better future in mathematics! 

Have questions? Reach out to us at mathooztraining@gmail.com or dial +91 91761 47549. We’re happy to provide all the details you need!

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