Mathooz Advanced Abacus Math Online Training Programmes

Our syllabus is Designed by top-notch Abacus Experts in the Industry. We have 8 levels of Books covering the basic level to Advanced level which is foremost in Abacus math learning. We cover all the Segments right from Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication to the Highest Level in Par with International standards in Abacus Training Program

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Learn Abacus math Program Online with Ease Through Mathooz advanced Online Training methodologies and Expertise 

  • What is the Students Age Eligibility for Abacus training Program?
    Age 5 to 14 years

  • What is the Duration of the Abacus Training Program?
    2 Years to finish the 8 Level of Abacus

  • What is the Abacus math Program Syllabus Covered in this Abacus Training?
    The Abacus program syllabus covers all the essential addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division with Mental calculation

  • What is the Medium or Learning tool used for taking the Sessions in Abacus Training program?
    We use the Premium version of Zoom to get a clear Learning experience in Abacus training

  • What is the Software used for Abacus Training online?
    we use the latest and the most advanced software  to teach Abacus Math programme to our kids provided we also give them the access of the software exclusively to them so that they can practise anytime anywhere

  • What kind of Certification Would you Provide in this Abacus Training Program?
    After Successfully clearing and completing the exam in each level of Abacus classes math program the students will be getting a "INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE WHICH IS VALID ALL OVER THE WORLD"

  • How We as a Parent Get Intimation on the Progress of our child in this Abacus training program as its Online Medium?
    We Connect with Parents on the Progress of their child frequently through Whatsapp, Email, and via hand Phone as we have an robust team to take care of it.

  • What is the Total Number of Levels in this Abacus Math Program?
    The Abacus Training Program has 8 Levels which makes them a Ninja in Mathematics

  • What is Examination Mode for these Abacus Training programs?
    We conduct the Abacus math Examination in Online mode only.


Advantages of Abacus Training Programs

In Abacus math learning, students not only Improve their mathematical skills but also develop their photographic memory which sharpens their mental health. Also, it improves the concentration level tremendously

Abacus classes on continuous Learning makes them an expert not only in Mathematics but also on everything they touch up. The reason is that they would have adapted a quality of Keen Observing Techniques which is very predominantly used in Abacus classes which increases their mental ability to segregate the problem and sort it out Easily.

Abacus math online training also acts as a Huge base for them when they approach the competitive exams ,as when they go for abacus examinations online, they have to finish the required Mental mathematics questions in stipulated time hence they become more Experts in handling the time management effectively with sharpness.

After Every Level of Abacus classes, they must go through examinations to Move on to the Next level which Makes them to be competitive and sportive as they will be competing with kids of similar age. So indirectly or directly Abacus math Classes gives them an Achieving Go Get Attitude.

Abacus Maths Classes

Develops the Thinking ability of the Student

Accuracy Increases

Computing skill or Logical Answering with Blink of an Eye on Doing the Abacus training

Strengthens the Memory

Abacus Classes Generally Strengthens the Memory power drastically

Abacus math online training

Through the Software we use will increases their photographic memory

Sound Judgement & Hearing power

Increases the Level of Sound Judgement and Hearing power

Self-confidence and Learning

Most Importantly Abacus Training Enhances Self-confidence and Learning Capability in Your child after this Training


  • 1. Our Syllabus covers from the Scratch level needed for Abacus math Learning hence they get to understand the basics of Mathematics excellently which is vital in Abacus learning
  • 2. We cover all the Segments right from Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication in the Abacus Training program
  • 3. Our syllabus also covers various Mental Math Exercises in a Generic Way to Improve their Mental Math skills with Ease
  • 4. We have 8 levels of Books covering the basic level to Advanced level which is foremost in Abacus learning
  • 5. Our syllabus is Designed by top-notch Abacus Experts in the Industry who are Pre-Eminent and August in Abacus Industry
  • 6. Our Abacus contents are designed in a Unique and Step by Step Model to make sure the Kids becomes predominant in Abacus
  • 7. Our Syllabus will be so interactive and formative which makes the students to get interested in abacus classes in no time


  • Our Programme of Abacus classes are Designed by International Veterans In the industry who were a Champs of Abacus in there own time and now also
  • Programmes of Abacus math classes online are designed more Scientifically with fun and frolic ways hence students will be able to learn with more excitement
  • We are having an 8 level of Abacus math Classes which is itself an colossal in Knowledge hence they can become a master in Mental math calculations
  • Our abacus math classes cater the students needs individually according to their IQ level of the kid, As every kid is not the same
  • Our Abacus Classes online use a premium and unique ways to Guide the students hence they are monitored and coached properly without a slip of their interest
  • Our programs of Abacus not only make them to be an Expert in Math classes but also teach the Time management Skill, Right Decision-Making skill, Mental math ability skill and communication skill which are vital for any kid on these days
  • Our Abacuses Math classes Programs are done online and the frequent updates on the kids performance are posted to parents constantly hence you will get a clear Progress of your kid on a Periodic Basis which is very much vital in this Abacus learning Program
  • Our Abacus programs are Unique, Preeminent and Virtuoso in the Industry especially in Online Segment.
  • We provide the student with a World-Class Certificate once he Passes on Each Level of Abacus which is an World wide Recognized.
  • We are the Trend setter In the Abacus online Training Industry with a formidable topclass which no one can replicate on the same as we are unique and results maker.
  • Our Abacus Teaching is taken only by Certified Teachers who have both passion and Experience in abacus teaching and so your Kid is in the Safest Hands.
  • Our teaching programs are an August one which is appreciated not only by Veterans of Abacus Industry but also by the parents who have seen their kids Improvement in expeditious way in a short span of time.


  • Limited Students for a Batch so Individual attention provided to every Kid joining us
  • 8 Hours of Live Abacus Class online in a Month
  • 100 Hours of Abacus Practice minimum in a Month
  • Abacus Math Training are taken through online medium alone
  • Certified Teachers with passion in abacus having minimum 5 years of experience drive the children to learn Abacus math online hence the training is Top-Rated

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