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Are you considering starting an Abacus business or joining an established Abacus franchise? 

Are you someone who excels with numbers? 

Do you have a strong teaching interest? 

Whether you’re looking to earn additional income or simply seeking an engaging way to spend your time, here’s a fantastic idea: – Consider starting your own ABACUS classes as a franchise!

A beautiful opportunity awaits those willing to combine their numerical skills and teaching passion. 

With the Abacus industry rapidly growing and offering numerous advantages, the Abacus greatly benefits children by enhancing mental math skills, calculation speed, memory, patience, and concentration. 

More parents are enrolling their kids in Abacus classes to ensure a robust mathematical foundation from an early age. As a result, this industry has many opportunities for people who want to undergo online Abacus teacher training to teach Abacus to others. If you’re considering starting an Abacus business, you’re entering a field with great potential for success. 

Launching an online abacus business can be rewarding, especially with the growing demand for quality education in the tech industry. If you’re enthusiastic about this opportunity and are ready to invest in an Abacus franchise, now is the time. The following is a detailed guide to help you successfully begin your online Abacus business with Mathooz and attract students and learners seeking to learn Abacus. 

Understanding the Abacus Franchise Model

The Abacus franchise model allows individuals to start their own Abacus teaching business while leveraging an established company’s brand, curriculum, and support. In this model, the franchisee (you) partners with a franchisor (the based company) to operate your business under their brand and guidelines. 

This includes using their teaching methods and materials and often benefiting from their marketing and training support to improve your business. This partnership lets you tap into their experience and resources to create a solid and successful venture.

There’s a significant advantage when you compare starting a business alone to starting a franchise. Franchises already have a history of doing well, showing they can succeed. This means the chance of things going poorly is much lower. Simply put, you’re less likely to fail when you go with a franchise because they’ve already shown they know how to succeed.

How the Franchise Model Works with Mathooz

Mathooz is a leading Abacus education provider, and when you partner with Mathooz as a franchisee, you gain access to a wide range of resources and support to establish and grow your own successful Abacus teaching business.

1. Proven Abacus Curriculum: As a Mathooz franchisee, you receive exclusive access to their time-tested and effective Abacus curriculum. This curriculum has been meticulously designed to enhance students’ mental math skills, calculation speed, and overall cognitive abilities.

2. Online Abacus Teacher Training: Mathooz goes the extra mile by offering online Abacus teacher training for Abacus teachers. This training equips you with the necessary skills to effectively teach the Abacus methodology to your students. It ensures that you’re well-prepared to deliver engaging and impactful lessons.

3. Teaching Techniques: You’ll gain insights into the proven teaching techniques that Mathooz has developed over years of experience. These techniques are designed to make online Abacus teacher training engaging, interactive, and effective for students and trainers of varying learning styles.

4. Access to AbacusAutoBeads Software: Mathooz provides access to AbacusAutoBeads, a cutting-edge software explicitly designed for teaching Abacus as part of the online Abacus teacher training. This software streamlines the learning process, making it more interactive and engaging for students. It enhances their understanding of Abacus concepts through visual and interactive elements.

5. Additional Educational Resources: Mathooz understands that comprehensive learning involves a variety of resources. As a franchisee, you can access supplementary educational materials that complement the core curriculum. These resources further enrich the learning experience for your students. 

6. Established Approach for Uniformity and Quality: When you teach using Mathooz’s approach and follow our online Abacus teacher training, you ensure consistency and quality across all centers. This uniformity not only maintains the reputation of Mathooz but also builds trust among parents and students. They can be confident that their children’s education is of the highest standard. 

When you become a part of our Abacus training franchise, you’re in for comprehensive support as you set up your training center with a small investment. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Our support includes the following. 

  1. Professional Website: We’ll create a top-notch website for your institute, making you a recognized Abacus training center in your area.
  2. Tailored Digital Marketing: We’ll guide you with strategies to boost your online presence and attract more students. This means more leads and awareness among parents and students seeking Abacus training.
  3. No Royalty Fees: Unlike other franchises, we won’t charge you fees for each student. What you earn from your students stays with you, maximizing your earnings.
  4. Customized Business Model: Our experienced business managers will work closely with you to shape your business plan according to your location and competition. They’re experts in setting up successful Abacus training centers.
  5. Targeting Bigger Opportunities: If you aim for larger clients like schools for Abacus coaching, we’ll even support you in securing such opportunities.
  6. ISO 9001 Certified Certificates: The certificates we provide to students upon completing each level of Abacus training are of the highest standard, meeting ISO 9001 requirements. This showcases the quality of education you offer.
  7. Generating Leads: We’ll help you find Abacus training leads whenever possible, giving your franchise more room to grow.
  8. Constant Updates: Our commitment to excellence means we keep you updated with the latest in Abacus teacher training. You’ll always be equipped with advanced teaching methods, updated online Abacus teacher training, and tools.
  9. Stay Ahead in Techniques: Regular updates on Abacus techniques ensure you’re at par with leading trainers. This keeps your knowledge current and provides your students with top-quality education.

By joining hands with Mathooz, you’re not just becoming a part of an Abacus education franchise; you’re becoming part of a dedicated community committed to improving students’ mathematical skills and cognitive development.

A proven curriculum, online Abacus teacher training, innovative software, and additional resources position you for success in the competitive Abacus education industry. You need to believe in these benefits and genuinely desire to make abacus learning accessible to more students through our franchise. With this support, you can make a real difference in your student’s learning journey while working towards your business goals. 

For any queries you may have or wish to know any details, email us at mathooztraining@gmail.com or +91 91761 47549 for more information.  

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