Schools play a crucial role in shaping the future minds of children. With more time spent at school than at home, they pick up skills, habits, and things from school. They gain exposure to many subjects like science, language, mathematics, arts, etc. Ask any kid who will say math. So why do most kids have this phobia, and how to overcome this fear and bring about a positive change?

The fear may be due to difficulty understanding concepts, pressure to do well, lack of interest, negative experiences, or attitude towards mathematics. To change this, it is essential to do the following.

  • Encourage them to embrace challenges and believe in the efforts they put in.
  • Create a supportive learning environment with an emphasis on problem-solving over memorization.
  • Make math more relevant and meaningful, helping them connect with real-world applications.
  • Fostering collaboration and helping kids build social skills
  • Encourages a love of learning while gaining a deeper understanding of math.

Who says math can’t be fun? We at Mathooz, through our online abacus course, infuse it with creativity, engagement, and loads of joy to cultivate a love of learning that is guaranteed to last a lifetime! We also help children overcome their fear of math and develop a positive relationship by connecting it to real-world applications and showing them how it impacts their daily lives.

How Abacus and Mathematics Go Together in Primary School

Abacus and mathematics go hand in hand in primary school as the Abacus is a powerful visual aid in teaching mathematical concepts and lets us see how it helps. 

Helps Build a Strong Math Foundation: By manipulating beads on the Abacus, students can visualize and understand the relationship between numbers, perform arithmetic operations, etc. A hands-on approach enhances their understanding of mathematical concepts, laying the groundwork for future complex calculations.

Promotes Mental Math Skills: As the child becomes proficient in using the online abacus, they transition to mental calculations by relying less on the physical tool. Students can mentally visualize and manipulate numbers rather than relying on the physical tool. The abacus is a bridge, improving the student’s skills and speed.

Fosters Concentration and Focus: As the abacus requires students to concentrate on the beads to perform calculations, it helps develop attention span and enhances the ability to focus on mathematical problems.

Fun and Engagement: It adds an element of fun as students find the abacus intriguing and enjoyable to use, motivating them to perform math calculations efficiently and practice skills.

Thus, in the early stages of education, incorporating the abacus can create a solid foundation for studies and pave the way for future mathematical success.

What is the right age to begin Abacus Training Online? 

When starting Abacus training – it is found that it impacts overall brain development, where age plays a crucial role. The most favorable age range for children is typically between 6 and 12. This is the age during which the brain undergoes significant development, specifically in generating new neurons or cells. It is essential to note that beyond 15, the capacity for further brain development diminishes considerably. Therefore to maximize the benefits of holistic brain activation, it is highly recommended that children begin abacus education during the early years, from grade 1 to grade 7. 

How Mathooz Can Help Unleash the Power of Abacus Maths Online

Education has undergone tremendous changes with online learning platforms catering to the needs of tech-savvy learners. As a result, traditional teaching methods are a thing of the past, and Mathooz aims to unlock the true potential of Abacus maths through a unique approach.

We offer Abacus classes online, a combination of a comprehensive and engaging experience for students of all ages. With a user-friendly interface and features, students can learn Abacus online regardless of physical location. In addition, we use AbacusAutoBeads, which can be used anywhere, expanding access to high-quality education. Also, a virtual one-on-one classroom fosters a sense of inclusivity and a personalized approach tailoring the curriculum to suit the pace and needs of the student. 

By analyzing the progress and performance of students in real-time, our trainers onboard provide targeted feedback and suggestions for improvement. This adaptive learning model ensures that students receive the necessary support and guidance to maximize their potential in Abacus maths.

In addition to being student central, we also understand the importance of involving parents and educators in the learning process. Therefore, our platform offers comprehensive reports allowing parents and teachers to monitor their student’s progress and gain insights into their strengths and areas requiring further attention. This approach creates a robust support system, enabling parents and educators to participate in their students’ Abacus journey actively.

Upon successfully passing the Abacus math program, students will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate that holds validity worldwide. This prestigious certificate serves as a testament to their accomplishments and signifies their competence in Abacus. Whether they choose to pursue further academic endeavors or embark on professional journeys, this internationally acclaimed certification will be acknowledged and respected across the globe.

With an accessible and interactive platform, Mathooz is revolutionizing the field of Abacus by harnessing the power of online learning. We empower students to explore its limitless potential by ensuring an enriching experience for all. 

Contact us today to learn more about the program by dropping in a mail to or calling us at +91 91761 47549.

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