About Mathooz

Mathooz is a prestigious Abacus Training Institute that has its headquarters in Larkvagen, Sweden, and Chennai, India. They offer best abacus training classes both online and in-class.
With their extensive experience and expertise, Mathooz has the prestigious ISO-IAF international certification and have successfully trained thousands of students worldwide

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Our Teachers - Our Pride

At Mathooz, we take pride in having the industry's finest Abacus Teachers. Our instructors are not only certified Abacus teachers but are also considered Masters of Masters in their field. They possess extensive experience in training both trainers and students, making them exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. With their expertise, our teachers have successfully trained thousands of students in Best Abacus Training Online, setting us apart and making us the perfect choice for you.

Through mental exercises and training, our teachers help students enhance their concentration levels significantly, transforming them into top performers. Joining Mathooz means gaining access to a unique learning experience that nurtures both mathematical abilities and overall cognitive development.

Why online Training for Abacus

Why Choose Online Abacus Training for Abacus

  • Convenience: Learning Abacus from our Abacus Training institute at the comfort of your home eliminates the need for travel, saving both parents and students valuable time and energy.

  • Huge time and Energy are Saved if it’s from online training

  • Flexibility: Online training allows for more flexibility in scheduling. Students who may be lagging behind in certain aspects of Abacus can be given extra time and attention to catch up.

  • No Missed Topics: With flexible timing, students can ensure they don't miss any topics in their Abacus classes. Even if they encounter unavoidable situations, they can easily be accommodated and compensated due to the online nature of the training at our Abacus Training institute.

  • Interactive Learning: Online software provides a more interactive way of learning Abacus. Students can engage with the material in dynamic ways, enhancing their understanding and retention.

  • Technological Appeal: As the entire Abacus training is conducted online, students enjoy working on computers or other devices, making it a more enjoyable experience for them.

  • Accessibility: Students can take up Abacus classes anywhere, anytime, and with various gadgets such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Why join Mathooz or Learning Abacus

  • Mathooz is a dedicated Abacus Training institute solely focused on Abacus. We do not mix our teaching with any other subjects, ensuring a dedicated and specialized approach to Abacus education.

  • Our best online Abacus classes offer an advanced curriculum with easy-to-understand methodologies. This enables our students to become experts in Abacus within a short span of time.

  • Mathooz is an ISO certified company with international recognition. Our teaching methods and certificates are aligned with international standards, providing our students with a reputable and globally recognized Abacus education.

  • We are the Trend Setters on best online abacus classes with the latest techniques and technologies in Abacus classes which we update frequently which makes us pioneers in Abacus training, both online as well as in class.

  • With a vast experience of training students from around the world, we understand the varying IQ levels and learning capacities of students. At our Abacus Training institute, we categorize Abacus coaching based on individual student understanding, ensuring personalized and effective learning experiences that make students love Abacus math classes.

  • We maintain open communication with parents and provide regular updates on their child's progress at each level of Abacus training. We identify weaknesses and provide recommendations for rectifications, facilitating continuous improvement and growth.

  • With students from all over the world taking up our online Abacus training, our students gain valuable exposure and opportunities to interact with their peers during Abacus examinations. This fosters healthy competition and enhances their overall learning experience.

Dedicated Institute

We are dedicated and best Abacus Training institute for both Students and Trainers

ISO Certified

We are proud to be an ISO certified Abacus Training institute with international recognition.

Trend Setters

We take pride in being the trendsetters in offering the best Abacus training online.

Great Exposure

A fantastic opportunity for students to interact with fellow learners from all around the world.

  • At our Abacus Training Institute, we use Zoom for our online classes, ensuring a limited number of students for optimal engagement and personalized attention.
  • Our training methodology incorporates the use of the latest software, AbacusAutoBeads, which is considered the best in Abacus teaching and learning. This software enhances the learning experience and facilitates effective training.
  • To provide immediate access to study materials, we offer Abacus e-books and necessary on the same day of enrollment, providing a significant advantage.
  • Our institute is equipped with highly upgraded infrastructure, keeping up with the latest trends. This ensures clear audio and video quality during the training sessions, enabling students to have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts taught.
  • By utilizing the latest software, AbacusAutoBeads, we promote the development of photographic memory in students, which is crucial for their learning and retention.
  • To monitor student progress effectively, we conduct periodic checks during the online Abacus training. This proactive approach allows us to identify and rectify any mistakes at an early stage, ensuring that students maintain their interest in Abacus and mathematics.
  • We prioritize individual attention through innovative Abacus teaching methods. Each student receives personalized guidance to enhance their learning experience and progress.
  • After every online Abacus class, we dedicate time to connect with the students and assess their understanding of the topics covered that day. This interactive session helps reinforce learning and address any doubts or questions.
  • Following each Abacus class, we regularly check if students have completed their assigned worksheets. This practice encourages students to practice independently and reinforce their learning.
  • Lastly, we provide infinite access to AbacusAutoBeads software, allowing students to practice extensively and become experts in Abacus calculation.

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Learn Abacus through online class! Master in Maths!!

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