About Mathooz

Mathooz is a premier Abacus Training Institute having the Headquarters in Larkvagen Sweden, and in Chennai, India. We Conduct the Best Abacus Classes online as well as in class Training. We have trained 1000s of students through online which makes us a best institute in abacus online training with international recognition.

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Our Pride Teachers of Abacus

We have the Best Abacus Teachers in the industry who are not only certified Abacus teachers but they are the Masters of Masters who have done training for both Trainers and students. Our Teachers have Trained 1000’s of students in Abacus Training online alone which makes us Unique and your right choice. Our teachers not only provide abacus maths classes but also teach students discipline as well as the various mental mathematics methodologies which convert them not only as math expert but also make them to become topstars in other subjects too as they train with mental exercises which directly make them to increase their concentration level mentally immensely.

Why online Training for Abacus

Why online Training for Abacus

  • Best way to learn abacus is from comfort of your home where zero travel is required for both parents and as well as the students

  • Huge time and Energy are Saved if it’s from online training

  • Extra Time is possible to give to the students who are Lacking behind abacus classes technically.

  • Flexible time is a great asset as students will not miss even a single topic in abacus classes though they miss out on unavoidable situations they will be compensated easily as its online training

  • It gives you a more interactive way of Learning Abacus as its through online software

  • The whole abacus training is done online hence the students love to work on computers or in any other gadgets

  • They can take up maths abacus classes anywhere anytime with any gadgets ranging from desktop to laptop. Mobile to Tablets.

Why Join mathooz for Learning Abacus

  • We are dedicated institute for Abacus training online as we dont mix our teachings on any other subject as we are exclusive abacus training institute alone

  • The best abacus online classes have advanced curriculum with easy methodology hence our students are able to become experts in Abacus within short span of time

  • We are an ISO certified company with international recognition and hence our teaching and certificates on Abacus are very much on International standards.

  • We are the Trend setters on best online abacus classes with the latest techniques and technologies in Abacus classes which we update frequently which makes us pioneers in Abacus training, both online as well as in class.

  • We have trained a lot of students all over the world hence we do understand the IQ level of the student easily and categorize the Abacus coaching according to the students understanding which gives the assurance to make the students love the abacus maths classes.

  • We frequently update the parents on the weakness of the students on each level of Abacus training with the rectifications which he has to follow to convert the same into his expertise

  • Since we have students all over the world taking up the abacus online training it gives them a great exposure to interact with provided during the abacus examination it makes them compete with them too.

Dedicated Institute

We are dedicated institute for Abacus training online

ISO Certified

We are an ISO certified company with international recognition

Trend Setters

We are the Trend setters on best online abacus classes

Great Exposure

Great exposure to interact with student all over the world

  • We use zoom to take up and limited number of students alone
  • We use the software www.abacusautobeads.com the latest software in abacus teaching and learning as a whole it is the best Training methodology.
  • We give the Abacus book as E- books which has a greatest advantage as the students get the books on the same day of enrollment
  • We have the highly upgraded infrastructure according to the latest trends as students will have clear clarity on mikes or in cameras when the abacus teachers are training them up.
  • Since we use the Software on training them in abacus their photographic memory increases to a great extent which is vital for students
  • We give the abacus training online with periodic checks on the students progress which makes us to rectify the mistakes of the students in the initial stage itself thus they will not lose interest in Abacus and also in mathematics
  • Individual attention is given to every student through our Innovative way of Abacus Teaching
  • After Every Abacus class online we dedicate some time to connect with the students on their understanding of the class on the particular day.
  • After the Previous class on Abacus we check periodically whether the students have done the worksheet assigned to them individually
  • We give an Infinite sum through the software which makes to become an expert in Abacus

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Learn Abacus through online class! Master in Maths!!

Abacus Training Online is the boon in disguise especially in this Pandemic Situation