Upcoming Abacus Online Classes

We provide the best Abacus Course Online with ease through our advanced online training classes. All the students will be given Abacus online software access in their class. The hours of practice they have done will be monitored before the next class through the software.

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Online Abacus Course
Upcoming Batch - Schedule

We are having batches in the regular time period of 15 days to 20 days. Our abacus batches are interactive for all the students where a trainer can really give out individual attention to every kid

Our Abacus batches starts from the grass root level for the students so that each student can get the basic ideas of mathematics and these will be in a fun filled way thus making them to get attracted towards the subject.

Abacus Online Training - Upcoming Batch
  • We make sure before starting up the batch, we will check the IQ level, interest of every child and Keep a Clear understanding of the kids so that we can boost up the performance or give special attention to the students. This will be done before and after every class which is designed by our team top experts who have handled students for years.

  • Abacus batches generally will be taken two days in a week covering one hour on each day basis. Hence making sure that we are giving abacus training to the students minimum 8 hours in a month.

  • Abacus batch training also will be segregated according to the age and IQ ability of the kid hence the students are able to move in clearly on the subject and there is no hurry on completing the syllabus. Our ultimatum is to make sure the kids can follow up the methodologies and the formulas very clearly.

  • Abacus Batches timing will be round the clock as we handle children from different countries and hence, we request you to connect with us on the queries you have so that we will make sure your kids are put on the right batch of your convenience.

  • As we have a clear design on the time slots with the specific trainers, any changes on your time should be indicated prior to 2 weeks so that we try to make the compensation for the abacus classes missed out or we will put the student in a different batch according to his available timings. Our abacus course batches run up frequently on the same in different timings so with prior notification we can accommodate the student easily without any problem. This notification must be informed to the current trainers who are taking up the abacus classes and hence our coordinator team will try to fetch ample and right time on your child's availability.

Things to Carry on our Abacus Classes

  • NOTEBOOK AND PENCIL to carry out sums
  • AbacusAutoBeads.com software access
  • Zoom app should be downloaded and kept ready
  • Camera have to be switched on any time during Abacus classes
  • They can use Desktop, Laptop, Tablets or even Mobiles for the Abacus classes online
  • Good Internet is required hence no interrupt in the Middle of the Classes

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Learn Abacus through online class! Master in Maths!!

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