Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Abacus Training Classes

In this FAQ section, we have provided answers to common questions raised by students and aspiring trainers who are beginners and are interested in enrolling in abacus training classes.

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What is an abacus?

An abacus is a simple tool used to perform arithmetic calculations more easily, quickly, and accurately.

What are the benefits of taking abacus classes?

Abacus math classes not only enhances a child's mathematical skills but also significantly improve concentration and mental abilities, leading to success in other subjects.

Can abacus training classes improve math skills?

Definitely! Taking abacus training classes through Mathooz will greatly enhance math skills. Witness the tremendous improvement in your child's mathematical abilities with our proven methodologies. We can even provide referrals from our satisfied previous and current students who have attended our online abacus classes.

What are the advantages of taking abacus training classes?

There are several advantages to taking abacus training classes online.

  • No need to travel to physical abacus centers, saving time and effort.

  • Attend live classes from the comfort of your home with supervision.

  • Save a significant amount of time and money.

  • Experience concrete results as online abacus training provides individual attention.

  • Abacus trainers can allocate extra time, unlike traditional in-class training centers.

  • Learn from the best trainers in the abacus industry, known for their expertise.

  • Access the best software - AbacusAutoBeads for managing your child's abacus learning from your end.

  • Practice is unlimited through the software, allowing for quick mastery.

  • The interactive software makes learning abacus fun and engaging.

  • Benefit from flexible class timings to suit your child's convenience.

  • Online classes for beginners ensure a solid foundation in mathematics.

FAQ's On Abacus Online Classes for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Abacus training classes are suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 12, although there is no age limit. The ideal age range for learning is within this bracket.

Your child will learn how to perform mental calculations for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication at a rapid pace.

We conduct Abacus maths classes through online training using advanced methods and software called AbacusAutoBeads. This software is widely recognized in the Abacus Training Industry and is renowned globally.

To attend our online Abacus maths classes, you will need to use the highly acclaimed software AbacusAutoBeads. This software is widely accepted in countries like the USA and Australia, and it is known for its effectiveness in learning Abacus online.

We provide 8 hours of live training per month, along with 100 hours of practice through the software. This extensive practice helps students become proficient in mathematics and master the Abacus skills.

For daily practice, we utilize the software AbacusAutoBeads. This software can be accessed on various devices such as mobile phones, desktops, and laptops. It is a cloud-based software, so there is no need to download any additional programs.

Yes, parents are welcome to join their child in the live Abacus maths classes. It gives you an opportunity to witness your child's enthusiasm and progress. However, your presence is not mandatory as our expert trainers ensure attentive guidance throughout the classes.

Each class has a minimum duration of 45 minutes to one hour. This time is carefully allocated to ensure efficient understanding of the Abacus concepts.

Our Abacus training course consists of 8 levels that cover the entire curriculum, starting from the beginner level to advanced level.

Absolutely! Our training includes the use of software for online Abacus classes, and it is highly beneficial, especially for beginners.

Yes, we conduct online examinations for each level of Abacus training. An external evaluator will validate the exam, and upon successful completion, your child will receive a certificate with international validity.

Yes, these classes can be comfortably attended from home, eliminating the need for travel. This approach has proven to be highly effective in facilitating swift and easy learning for students.

You can make payments for Abacus maths classes through NEFT (bank transfer) and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) methods.

Our Abacus training classes are conducted twice a week online to ensure that students have regular engagement with the subject and can develop their expertise in mathematics.

If you are unable to attend a class due to a valid reason, we can arrange for your child to join another class in a different batch, provided you inform us in advance. However, for one-on-one training, this option may not be available.

Yes, you can very much do it. But there will be an initial test conducted for your kid by our team member on the Level till which the kid has finished and if he or she is good to that particular level of Abacus, we don't have any problem in taking him or her to the class. The test is done individually for the goodness of the kid to make sure the kid is able to follow up the upcoming classes and thus their foundation is stronger.

To attend our online Abacus classes, all you need is a mobile phone or a desktop computer with the latest software and meeting tools. These basic requirements are sufficient to participate in the classes effectively.

Certainly! We highly recommend a demo session before enrolling. It allows you to experience the quality of our teaching and understand the teaching methodologies. During the demo, we request parents to accompany their child for a better understanding of the session.

Yes, we offer individual classes or one-on-one Abacus training classes for students who require personalized attention. Please note that individual classes come with a premium cost.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to improve speed and accuracy in calculations. With the help of our advanced software, AbacusAutoBeads, students practice daily for a minimum of one hour, both during and outside of the classes. This regular practice enhances concentration, photographic memory, and overall mathematical proficiency.

Yes, we actively participate in Abacus Olympiads held worldwide, providing students with an excellent platform for international exposure. Additionally, during Abacus training classes, students can interact with peers from different parts of the world.

If you are located outside of India, we can arrange to ship the Abacus books from our nearest branch or franchise. Alternatively, we have other options available to ensure you have access to the necessary materials.

Yes, we provide special attention to beginners by conducting sessions to understand their individual IQ levels. This allows us to tailor our teaching approach and provide personalized guidance.

Absolutely! Upon completion of the 8 levels in Abacus training, your child will have developed the skills to perform mental calculations for a lifetime, even without constant practice on the Abacus.

Our software, AbacusAutoBeads, is designed to be user-friendly and interactive, making it easy for children of all ages to understand and use effectively. It has been widely appreciated by students worldwide, ensuring a smooth learning experience.
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