Top 10 Benefits of Abacus Math Classes Online

With the advancements of the 21st century, it is pretty standard for the new generation of children and parents to look out for modern learning methods that can help them master, like digital devices, apps, etc. 

However, the traditional forms of learning, like classroom teaching and abacus, haven’t lost their charm. We are talking about the Abacus in particular here, as it has been used since immemorial and is still popular. The conventional tool has taken various forms over the years with different versions, helping students to master math operations enjoyably. Abacus classes, too, have picked up speed over time, with them offering online and offline courses.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the top benefits that Abacus offers and how Abacus classes can help students prepare for success and help them become well-rounded individuals. 

You will learn how the Abacus can help them develop vital problem-solving abilities and increase concentration to carry out their day-to-day work. First, let us see what the Abacus is before moving on.

What is the Abacus? What are its Advantages?

The abacus consists of a frame with wire rods in two rows with beads that can be moved up and down. Each row represents a value, with the bottom row representing the units, the next row tens, and so on. 

To perform a math calculation, the students will move the beads to the corresponding position to the desired number and then use their fingers to count or analyze mentally. The online version of the Abacus has the same functionality, with no physical instrument but the student moving the beads online to produce the number. An example is AbacusAutoBeads, an online software we use to teach Abacus online.

Now, to understand how the Abacus can help understand mathematical operations better, the tool offers hands-on practice so that students gain a visual understanding. This allows them to grasp the concepts better than just relying on formulas. It also can lead to better academic progression as well.

Additionally, when children learn Abacus online or offline, it helps them to increase their critical thinking abilities, boost brain power, and help them to calculate mentally. Engaging with their cognitive abilities allows the student to develop life-long skills for problem solving and planning, the skills that are much needed to benefit them all their life.

With the Abacus, children’s attention span also increased, as they tended to concentrate on the counting beads, leading to improved focus. This allows them to use their time efficiently to reach higher levels of mastering concepts, thus making them successful in other fields of study. Let us now see the benefits of learning Abacus online or offline in detail. 

Top 10 Benefits of Abacus Math Classes 

1. Improves Brain Function

Abacus can be an excellent tool for improving the brain’s processing speed. Abacus classes can help you with just that, as it allow students to learn faster, as the brain’s processing speed is increased due to the visual element of the Abacus. Then, just reading or listening, the visual aspect of the Abacus, can help as it needs more concentration on what is being done in the front versus memorizing or writing something on paper.

2. Improved Photographic memory

Learning abacus in Abacus classes can improve students’ memory, allowing them to recall images, sounds, and experiences more accurately. It exercises both sides of the brain, improving focus and concentration. Abacus classes online also boost visual and auditory memory.

3. Two-Way Concentration

Abacus classes develop two-way concentration, helping students to focus on tasks without distractions. Abacus training sharpens students’ mathematical abilities and concentration by encouraging mental calculations before writing them down.

4. Builds Task Switching & Multi-Tasking

Abacus is a multitasking tool taught in Abacus classes, enhancing attention and concentration. It helps easy task switching, making students efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously as they practice Abacus. Despite working on several things, they feel at peace as this skill development feels less overwhelming and distracting.

5. Improves Mental Alertness and Problem-Solving Skills

Abacus training is a mental exercise that improves information processing, focus, and memory. It nurtures associative memory and encourages creative problem-solving, enabling students to think out of the box and find solutions quickly.

6. Increases Calculation Speed and Accuracy

Abacus classes teach students to use numbers instead of symbols, enhancing calculation speed and accuracy. With abacus skills, students can handle complex calculations effortlessly, leading to better performance in tests and exams.

7. Improves Listening Skills and Focus

Abacus classes improve listening skills as students learn to focus on instructions. Better listening skills enable students to understand concepts thoroughly, improving their learning experience.

8. Develops Auditory & Visual Memory

Abacus classes help in the development of auditory and visual memory. Students learn to recall numbers while listening, repeating, and associating them with their positions on the abacus. This approach is beneficial for students who struggle with information processing. Our online Abacus classes help a lot as students learn to use our online Abacus online.

9. Greater Eye-Hand Coordination

Abacus training improves eye-hand coordination, which is crucial for various student activities. Enhanced coordination skills contribute to overall development in sports or arts and crafts.

10. Improves Motor Skills

Abacus classes enhance fine motor skills, grip strength, and visualization abilities needed for number tracking. The manual dexterity acquired through abacus training is valuable for students.

Why Choose Abacus Classes With Mathooz 

Starting abacus training early is beneficial. Kids learn concepts better and progress faster. It’s an excellent activity to improve memory, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and other mental abilities. Learning the abacus is a perfect choice if you want your child to excel in studies and various life activities.

At Mathooz, we offer more than just Abacus classes; we provide a transformative learning experience tailored for students. Our approach is rooted in simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that young learners quickly grasp complex mathematical concepts. Our certified instructors create a supportive and engaging environment where students excel in mental math and develop crucial life skills like concentration, problem-solving, and confidence. With a curriculum designed to enhance memory, focus, and calculation abilities, Mathooz stands out as the ideal choice for Abacus classes.

Join us to witness your child’s mathematical potential unfold, setting a solid foundation for a successful academic journey.  Email us at or +91 91761 47549 for more details.

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