Abacus Teacher Training: An Opportunity to Not Miss as a Homemaker

As a homemaker, you are at the right place if you have a passion for teaching and wish to have an amazing Abacus teaching career without leaving your home. Your dedication and the right approach are key ingredients for success in any teaching. 

In our previous blog, we outlined in detail about the Abacus, how to enroll for the right Abacus teacher training, and choose the right audience you want to teach. We shall help you decide on how to teach Abacus- whether opting for offline or online is best. We suggest that you read it before proceeding further with this blog.

Essential Steps to Take Before Taking Abacus Classes 

When you complete Abacus teacher training and then wish to begin teaching Abacus the following are some decisions you must take. 

  1. Decide the Curriculum: Having a structured curriculum is a must that covers all the basics of Abacus learning. When you enroll for Abacus teacher training at Mathooz, we help you with the curriculum development, online Abacus software AbacusAutoBeads, and lesson plans that are engaging and informative. Also, when you teach, you can use them to provide detailed explanations as per the child’s comfort level. 
  2. Teaching Materials: The next important aspect is collecting teaching materials like worksheets, visual aids, Abacus tools etc, if you plan to offer Abacus classes online. If you plan to offer online classes, then materials and online Abacus access will be given if you enroll with Mathooz for Abacus teacher training, which you can use to teach. 
  3. Choose if you want to offer online or offline classes: Decide whether to teach Abacus in a physical classroom or through online platforms. Each approach has its advantages, which we will discuss in our next section, so choose your style and resources best.
  4. Marketing and Outreach: Once you finish the steps above, it is time to spread the word about your Abacus teaching services. You can use social media, create a website, or partner with local schools to reach potential students. One advantage with Mathooz is that if you opt for a franchise with us, we take care of all the promotion and marketing you need to set up classes. Also, we charge no royalty fees. 
  5. Continuous Learning: Staying updated with Abacus’s latest teaching techniques and educational trends is vital. It will help improve your teaching skills and keep your content fresh and engaging. Our Abacus teacher training has all the latest techniques and trends you need to begin classes. 

Advantages of Teaching Abacus in a Physical Classroom

In-Person Interaction: Teaching in a physical classroom allows for face-to-face interaction with students. You can observe their progress, provide immediate feedback, and create a more personalized learning experience.

 Tactile Learning: The Abacus is a hands-on tool, and teaching it in person allows students to physically manipulate the beads. This tactile experience can enhance their understanding and retention of concepts.

Social Engagement: Classroom settings promote social interaction among students. They can collaborate, share experiences, and learn from each other, creating a sense of community.

Controlled Environment: In a physical classroom, you have more control over the learning environment, ensuring minimal distractions and a structured class schedule.

Teaching Abacus Online Through Online Platforms

Accessibility: Online teaching offers accessibility to a broader audience, potentially reaching students from different locations and backgrounds. This can expand your reach and impact.

Flexibility: Online platforms provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and learning pace. Students can access materials and lessons conveniently, making it suitable for those with busy schedules.

Cost-Efficiency: Teaching online can reduce overhead costs associated with physical classrooms, such as renting space and utilities. It can be a cost-effective way to start your teaching career.

Technology Integration: Online teaching allows you to incorporate various digital tools, making lessons more engaging. You can use videos, interactive software, and online quizzes to enhance learning.

Recorded Content: You can record your lessons, making them available for review. This especially benefits students who want to revisit previous topics or may have missed a class.

Summing Up 

To choose between online and offline teaching, consider your resources, preferences, and the needs of your target audience. Combining both approaches by offering a blended learning experience is possible. For example, you can provide in-person workshops or classes while offering online resources for additional practice and support.

Ultimately, your goal is to provide valuable Abacus education in a way that aligns with your teaching style and meets the needs of your students. Carefully evaluate the advantages and challenges of each approach before making your decision, and be prepared to adapt as your teaching journey progresses. Additionally, stay updated with the latest teaching methods and resources. Attend workshops, join online communities, and collaborate with fellow educators to exchange ideas and strategies. 

Why choose Mathoos for Abacus Teacher Training 

Mathooz offers the best Abacus Teacher Training, where you will not just teach numbers but empower young minds, instill confidence, and shape future generations. This training isn’t just a course; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling and flexible profession that aligns perfectly with your homemaking responsibilities. 

Teaching Abacus can be fun and fulfilling. Remember, every student learns independently, so be patient and kind. Use simple steps and everyday examples to explain Abacus concepts. 

Never underestimate the power of positivity and encouragement. Your passion for Abacus and your genuine interest in your students’ success will significantly impact their learning journey. Keep nurturing their curiosity, and you’ll be amazed at the progress they make. Encourage your students to try, even if they make mistakes. 

Celebrate their successes, big or small, and always stay positive. Also, keep learning new teaching methods to inspire your students. Teaching is not just about numbers; it’s about helping your students grow and feel confident. You’re doing a great job, and if you ever need help, just ask. Happy teaching! 

Best of luck on your teaching journey! If you ever need specific advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, don’t miss out on this chance to make a difference while enjoying the comforts of your home.

To join us, drop us an email at mathooztraining@gmail.com or +91 91761 47549 to know more details.

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